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Tree Services

Before we get into all the stuff that we do, lets be clear on what we don't do. If you want your trees topped, or otherwise mutilated, then call somebody else because we don't do that. If you want your beautiful old shade trees removed because you're tired of raking up the leaves, then call somebody else, because we don't do that either. But we are getting pretty good at talking people out of these things, so if somebody you know is thinking about doing this, then please do call us. We will talk some sense into them, free of charge.

Here is all the stuff we do:

  • Shade tree pruning

  • Structural pruning

  • Ornamental pruning

  • Fruit tree pruning

  • Cabling

  • Bracing

  • Planting

  • Health and safety evaluations

  • Consulting

  • Removals (when they can't be saved)

  • Public speaking on tree related topics

To request a free estimate for tree work, call Sean at 509-952-0639.

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