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Meet the Team

Sean Tait

Arborist, Climber

Sean Tait is the founder of Leaf on the Wind Arboriculture, LLC. He is a certified arborist, licensed, bonded and insured. PN-5835A.

Sean has over 20 years of experience and truly loves trees. His deep understanding of trees and passion for his work set him apart.

Sean square.jpg

Kat Tait

Office Operations 

Kat Tait manages our office operations, and keeps all the balls in the air. She loves knowing that the work she does each day helps our community have cleaner air.

Kat cropped.jpg

Gunnar Stoltnow

Crew Foreman, Climber

Gunnar Stoltenow can climb darn near anything and is also an experienced rescue technician.

Gunnar square.jpg
Nathan Arrigoni
Arborist in Training

As our newest apprentice arborist, Nathan Arrigoni is learning the ropes of tree care. He is strong enough to have earned the nickname “Bobcat” and is a US Army veteran.

Nathan square lighter.jpeg
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